Anti-Fascist Conference In Columbus, Ohio - October 13-15

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Oct.13,14,15, 1995
North High School, Columbus, Ohio

Speakers will include:
--Chip Berlet (Cambridge) - the leading authority on the American
"Patriot" and "militia" movements.  Quoted in Time, CBS News, CNN and PBS
after the recent Oklahoma bombing murders.
--Rita Bo Brown (San Francisco) - former member of the George Jackson
Brigade, lesbian feminist doing prisoner support work.
--John Woods (Ohio) - founder of Rock Out Censorship, on the attacks on
music freedom and the issue of "white power" music.
--Signe Waller - survivor of the 1979 Klan/Nazi/government attack on
anti-Klan rally in Greensboro, NC during which five people were murdered.
--Michael Novick (California) - author of White Lies, White Power; active
with People Against Racist Terror (PART)
--Chrystos (Seattle) - feminist poet and activist

AND MANY MORE, including: people from Klanwatch (Alabama), Center for
Democratic Renewal (Atlanta), RASH (New York), Active Transformation
(Michigan), representatives of native American and Arab-American groups,
Irish-American Students' Association and the Ohio Humanist Community.

Tons of workshops - "Censorship"; "Racism and Media"; "What is Fascism?";
"Prisons and the Crime Scare"; "The Religious Right"; "Black/Jewish
Relations and the Anti-Fascist Movement"; "Dealing with Racists and
Sexists in the Punk Rock Scene"; "Doing Revolutionary Anti-Klan Work" and
lots more!

Skills training - everything from "Tips on Doing a Great Flyer" to
martial arts classes.  Great musical acts, dancing, healthful food, child
care, artistic performances, book stalls, videos - even basketball - and
hopefully an "action" on the streets relating to "Columbus Day."
Security for conference provided.

Mark you calendar NOW.  Plan to be there.  Set up a table.  For
information call:

Anti-Racist Action (ARA) - Columubus
(614) 424-9074 / no email

snail: ARA, P.O. Box 82097, Columbus, OH 43202

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Arm The Spirit is an autonomist/anti-imperialist collective based
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material, including political prisoners, national liberation
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