Cockburn?/child abuse

rakesh bhandari djones at
Mon Apr 1 21:18:14 MST 1996

Only quick replies from me:

>        La Clinton is urging the old narrative: the benign state that
>finds time to bleed a little money to keep the system and people from
>rising out of control - this between bouts of military spending and
>corporate trough-filling.  Cockburn has it right: the title of her book

Let's not forget Clinton's new policy: one strike and you are out of public
housing.  As I understand it, if a visitor is apprehended for dope (any
kind) in your home, you can be booted.

At any rate, one strike! Clinton's police state is not bounded; its control
over the poor is almost total.

How could anyone trust such a president to enforce children's rights?
Doesn't it make more sense that HRC's 'profound' concern with abused
children is only more way to extend the powers of the state over the
families of the poor?

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