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Subject: Unions vs. left-communism

Dear robert,

In the unions you can drop little pieces of paper into a box and change leaders
as you may in bourgeois political  democracy and in a more limited way even
under fascism.
But to think your new  Leftist  elected officials  can raise the standard of
workers  class consciousness and combativity against the onslaught of capital
and make the unions fight  to unite the class and spread the struggle for for
workers power is utterly absurd.

One has to study the history of how unions developed over the past century and a
half so get a clearer picture of their qualitative degeneration from  illegality
to reform institutions during the ascendent phase of capitalism to desertion to
the enemy camp in the age of finance capital , imperialism and decadence in the
modern epoch.
I would say that with few exceptions a similar pattern has been the case in the
lesser developed countries, where, given the weakness of the nat'l. bourgeoisie,
and its deals with the major powers, repression  has been used more
indiscriminately, even against reformist outfits..

I don't just ask you to take my word for it ---study the issue and smell the
coffee around you in  political wrok iinside the existing struggles..
In the USA  Some good books on this are "STRIKE!"  by J. Brecher available from
the IWW-US (see top for their e-mail address) and the Communist Workers
Organization (CWO)Journals from the UK (e-mail address on top)

If you must know, our supporters have been in the UAW, IBEW, SEIU and Teamsters
over the years. Some union  labor fakers can talk a militant line better than
others, that part of their job to dupe the workers and hem in their struggles
and bury them
in the swamp of  demoralization and  defeat (while dressing up these as
like here in LA where the bosses play good cop-bad cop with the hacks -Issue
threats of 15,000 layoffs in LA County public services, then fire "only" 3,000
and the unions and political bosses claim "win-win" and even "victory' by the
unions .

Don't you tell me about good leaders and bad ones! I've seen even the soc-dems
and stalinist  lefties as much as the Cold-warriors stand and applaud at a
meeting where the state dicided to fire 600 workers from another craft  union
instead of 800 from   "their" union. Another great "victory"  for them-- better
said, for the continued racket of investing rank and file dues monies and making
profits !

I have seen militant ranks thugged on and left bloody not only by cops/guards
but by union thugs too!  I  see the most obscene racist scapegoating against
immigrants supported by  not only rightist bourgeois political  demagogues but
by the unions too.  I have seen  unions call the cops and lock out thier own
members who got the axe from the unions  latest concessions contracts, like the
recent Staley workers struggle in Decatur Ill.  The AF of Hell motto "-who needs
them (fired workers) we don't have to collect dues and keep them docile for the
bosses any more-let the cops keep them in line".

If you want to learn more about the AFL/CIA operations in foreign  countries for
Big  Capital, Read "Inside the Company-CIA Diary  (Latin america) Penguin,  and
"Dirty Work" (Europe) both by the renegade CIA agent turned Leftist  Phil Agee.
The IWW-US  also has a well researched book on this and you can e-mail them for
this (email address on top)

To your remark that workers have "always been lead by somebody" usually for the
wrong reasons" True enough, that is why we dont need the condescending saviors
>from uunion bureacracies or left/right talking bourgeios pols. The next wave of
workers mass struggles must be freed to advance to higher levels so a real
Communist Party  can be built that can train revolutionaries thru struggle and
education to lead the stronger  worker assaults on capital. But these "leaders'
are not new state caps, they will not rule over the workers after the
revolution. Workers
mass assemblies and Councils of revolutionaries will be the new administration.

I am glad you brought up the US coal industry struggles and the decline of the
should be discussed. I think you should look at its start, built by the ranks ,
developement  over the years,and qualitative  degeneration , the latest under
Rich "fat ass lawyer"  Trumka who most leftists (and the NY Times and Wall St.
journal ) promote as a great militant. Ask the militant Thorsbury bros and
others about The "militant" UMW apparatus when they got sentenced to 25-40 years
in prisions for building (illegal mass pickets) and firing back at got toting
Company thugs and assisted by the cops.  The UMWA helped the State convict them
and cut off their families benefits. Since 1973 UMWA membership has dropped from
142,000 to 62,000 today!

Other autonomous rank and file groups have grown out of the recent struggles in
France, Germany , Belgium and Italy and the UK  over the past  7-8 years, they
are small and marginal but they are possible  class struggle nucleus of  poles
of regrouping the vanguard of rerising revolutionaries but they cannot be a
substitute fo a new internationalist Party of  workers communism.

As your capitalists and state drive for more worker concessions , more rumbles
will come from the ranks. get involved with this and try to build militant
groups that will stand up to union, boss  and state collaborative sabotoge. Make
contact with revolutinaries in other lands and share experiences. For Example,
Write to the
CWO, PO Box 338, Sheffield S3 9YX, United Kingdom and get their Programme and

Box 57483
Los Angeles, CA  90057 USA

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