Professor Muddle Returns (Well, Sort of)

Louis R. Godena godenas at
Mon Apr 1 10:17:18 MST 1996

Returning from Boston yesterday evening, I was perplexed by a cryptic
message from our dear departed (I thought) friend, L Proyect.  The professor
is, apparently, writing a book of some sort of his experiences these past
few weeks battling the forces of darkness on the internet.  Was I, the
professor wanted to know, his tone dropping precipitously to a dull
cyclopean effect; was I a member of the "RI CP"?

Would somebody, somebody on this list please pitch in and buy this fellow a
personality?  I would suggest Henwood, but he has already informed us that
his salary is only a few pennies more than the average 10 cents per (line,
page, conjunctive verb?) than his poverty-stricken colleagues at the Nation,
whose salary, in turn, is far below that of the "mean" of $71,300, or is
that the "median," which hardly makes Mr Henwood a very reliable "observer"
of "left" businesses...well, never mind.

Oh, go on, go ahead and charge it to my credit card.

                                    Louis Godena

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