Professor Muddle Returns (Well, Sort of)

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Mon Apr 1 09:45:54 MST 1996

At 12:17 PM 4/1/96, Louis R. Godena wrote:

>Returning from Boston yesterday evening, I was perplexed by a cryptic
>message from our dear departed (I thought) friend, L Proyect.  The professor
>is, apparently, writing a book of some sort of his experiences these past
>few weeks battling the forces of darkness on the internet.  Was I, the
>professor wanted to know, his tone dropping precipitously to a dull
>cyclopean effect; was I a member of the "RI CP"?
>Would somebody, somebody on this list please pitch in and buy this fellow a
>personality?  I would suggest Henwood, but he has already informed us that
>his salary is only a few pennies more than the average 10 cents per (line,
>page, conjunctive verb?) than his poverty-stricken colleagues at the Nation,
>whose salary, in turn, is far below that of the "mean" of $71,300, or is
>that the "median," which hardly makes Mr Henwood a very reliable "observer"
>of "left" businesses...well, never mind.
>Oh, go on, go ahead and charge it to my credit card.

Godena -

Shut the fuck up, you pig.



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