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>What has changed is not the "man eats man/nation eats nation" nature of
>imperialism, that is a glaring reality for anyone with the barest common
>sense. What has changed is the stage of the revolution.  We are now in the
>epoch of the strategic offensive of the world revolution, and that factor is
>what is compelling the change of form of imperialism.

This point, that we are now in the epoch of the strategic offensive
of the world revolution, is a point in the line of the PCP that seems
to be very difficult for people in the emperialist countries to grasp.
(Or I should say, at least, people in the US, since I haven't heard
opinions about this from other imperialist countries)  I have tended
to think that it is because our view of the world and the objective
and subjective conditions of the masses worldwide is essentially
hidden from us.

An analogy that occurred to me this weekend, as we were driving
back from Boston to Detroit, is that it's kind of like how the lights
of the city block our view of the sky.  Recently people who live
in the cities had to travel far out to the rural area in order to view
the comet.  And another distortion caused by the lights of the city
is that at 5:00 a.m. it sure looked like I was driving into the sunrise,
coming across southern Ontario.  But I was driving WEST!  The
earth had not reversed its rotation; I was seeing the lights of Detroit--
20 miles away, lighting up the whole sky.

This analogy is limited, of course, but I do think that our view
of the realities of the world situation can be distorted and clouded
just that drastically by the material comforts and propaganda blitz/
information suppression we experience living in these imperialist

Gina/ Detroit

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