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hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Mon Apr 1 12:32:51 MST 1996

>At 7:08 PM 4/1/96, Luciano Dondero wrote:
>>But in both cases, what we get is a bunch of "democrats", "liberals",
>>"libertarians", "free speechers", who step in to protect...
>Lots of lefties I know regard me as something of a free-speech
>fundamentalist, often disapprovingly. It takes a lot to get me to want to
>squelch someone. These guys did it - with their stupidity and violence and
>destructiveness. We've had exchanges before with Stalin apologists, but
>somehow the Angel Dust crowd really crossed some line in a truly horrid

So, what is it with you Douggy, Doug?  Can you take really trenchant
criticism? I did not see you muzzle-up either during the last fray, and even
now you carry on howling like some pouch that lost its master.

I told you, for an observer of the left, you are really out of your depth.
Take my advice and go in a "birdwatching" expedition, or just take a brake
to chase the ducks around the peaceful pond in Marxism2. You'll be happier
in the end, because here, your "guard doug" services are not likely to be
needed at all.  Maybe Proyect can give you a quiet corner by the fire place
in his new retirement home.

Wuff Wuff, so long

It was a pleasure


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