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Mon Apr 1 15:03:34 MST 1996

Lou Proyect asked me to forward this to the list:

>I am not a subscriber to the Shining Path list right now, but I can read
>the archives and I do. I detect a triumphalist note among the PCP gang
>right now that I regard as a joke.
>I considered Adolfo Olaechea to be a novice in Marxist politics and
>did not regard him to be any kind of serious challenge. All he is
>capable of doing is dredging up quotes from Lenin that he hardly
>understands, let alone knows how to make use of in a creative fashion.
>The reason people avoided Olaechea is twofold. One, he substitutes
>invective for careful, intelligent analysis. Two, he filibusters. People
>were getting sick and tired of getting 15 lengthy posts from him a day as
>well as voluminous cross-postings from New Flag. I never replied to
>him because people on the list were hoping that he would just go away
>if he was ignored and they pleaded with me not to answer him.
>If Adolfo was interested in a serious debate, he would do what all
>debaters do: stick to a time limit. In cyberspace, this means limiting
>yourself to approximately the same number of words as your opponent.
>This is what sane people do, by the way, if you have any recollection of
>the debates that have occurred on this list in the past. When I debated
>Jim Lawler on the NEP, neither of us abused this privilege. If he
>was allowed to post no more than I did in a 24-hour period, I would have
>nailed his sorry, ignorant ass to the floor.
>I could make this individual look pathetic if he accepted a challenge to
>debate me on any of the following subjects:
>1) Stalin's role in the colonial revolution (consideration of Indochina,
>Palestine and other struggles)
>2) Stalin as anti-Nazi (how Stalin approached the challenge of Nazism
>before and after it was in power)
>3) Stalin and the Popular Front (Character of Popular Front in Spain
>and France)
>Now that this list has turned into the Shining Path list with Hans
>Ebhar leading the way, I don't  think it can get any worse.
>Watch Adolfo try to worm his way out of this challenge.
>Louis Proyect

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