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hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Mon Apr 1 16:04:08 MST 1996

>>Lots of lefties I know regard me as something of a free-speech
>>fundamentalist, often disapprovingly. It takes a lot to get me to want to
>>squelch someone. These guys did it - with their stupidity and violence and
>>destructiveness. We've had exchanges before with Stalin apologists, but
>>somehow the Angel Dust crowd really crossed some line in a truly horrid
>I'd say it happened when they started calling people they didn't agree with
>fascists and informers.

Oh by dear Archbishop Rahul:

You are remembering rather selectively, my lord of morals!

It was the people authorized bt Proyect who started calling us "psychopats
and murderers", is it not?  Do you expect to agree to that characterisation
which is precisely another way of saying fascist - according to your moral
code, isn't it?  Such hypochresy in a Bishop......Thshk, Thhsk......... Why
don't you keep to celestial matters now, and leave Marxist politics to the

It is not the first time that this kind of incidents occur in the left, nor
it would be the last.  If there is grounds for unity against a common enemy,
let's say Proyect was to be mugged by a real fascist one of this days, then
we could certainly rally to his defence and even if he doesn't want us, we
would nevertheless defend his rights.  So, is that moral or inmoral? You
could start pontificating in some concrete hyphotesis such as this and see
what the list feels.


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