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hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Mon Apr 1 16:17:32 MST 1996

>At 8:32 PM 4/1/96, hariette spierings wrote:
>>So, what is it with you Douggy, Doug?  Can you take really trenchant
>>criticism? I did not see you muzzle-up either during the last fray, and even
>>now you carry on howling like some pouch that lost its master.
>>I told you, for an observer of the left, you are really out of your depth.
>>Take my advice and go in a "birdwatching" expedition, or just take a brake
>>to chase the ducks around the peaceful pond in Marxism2. You'll be happier
>>in the end, because here, your "guard doug" services are not likely to be
>>needed at all.  Maybe Proyect can give you a quiet corner by the fire place
>>in his new retirement home.
>>Wuff Wuff, so long
>>It was a pleasure
>Fuck you too, Adolfo.

Oh my, Oh my! what an ambitious, horny and greedy Douggie doug you have
turned out to be!  Is that a "doug eats doug" kind of proposition? I think
you will have to do with just old Professor Proyect's stale "doug biscuit",
my poor Douggie doug, doug!  Come on boy! lay down douggie, roll over
douggie, that it.... douggie.....go fetch the paper douggie, doug, doug!

I wonder what would Bishop Rahul think about your "doug" morals?  It's a
real bitch, he may say...........

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