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In a message dated 96-03-28 >g.maclennan
>school of media & journalism  writes:

>I wish to announce publicly that I am  using whatever influence I have as a
>moderator to demand the instant expulsion of Olaechea, Gina, and Quispe from
>this  list.  we should then debate this and take a vote.  But the list is
>now in a stage of open warfare and  will collapse if decisive action is not

WOW! This is the highest honor I can think of in the context of this list,
to be singled out along with my comrades Quispe and Oleachea as a
target for expulsion by the purgers!

>Olaechea and his friends  are using this list as a site of ideological

Horror of horrors, that the Marxism list should be the scene of ideological
struggle!   Why can't we all just get along, exploiters and exploited
together! Oppressors and oppressed together--one big happy family!
Proletariat and bourgeoisie; proletarian and bourgeois ideology together,
that's the "Amerikkkan Way", after all, isn't it?

>  They hope to both recruit and smash the list as it is after all
>full of fascists.

May I remind Mr. Maclennan and his pals that we have not called
for the expulsion of a single individual from this list.  We have not
been the ones attempting to intimidate new listees from responding
to or dialogueing with those we disagree with.  Yes, we have
carried out ideological struggle; we have attempted to expose the
exploiter and oppressor ideology that some on this list promote as
a version of "Marxism".  We have been quite pointed and sharp
at times in naming this ideology as "fascism" and the practitioners
of the attempted censorship and intimidation as "fascists."

Our intention is to clarify the distinction between the class interests
served by the different ideologies represented on this list, and to
persuade all who can be persuaded to take up genuine proletarian
ideology, and to throw off the bourgeios ideology dressed up as
"Marxism" that is promoted by some here.  Smashing the list would
be counter to that purpose, which seems to be why it is the purveyors
of that revised "marxism" who are proposing to shut the list down,
not us.

>Comrades should be quite clear what is at stake  here.  It is not the the
>Olaecheans are necrophiliacs, which they are.  Nor even Stalinists, which
>they are.  It is that they have declared war on us who do not agree with
>them and they seek the destruction of all forums that can give  us a voice.
>regards Gary

Again, we are not the ones proposing to shut down the list, expell
people, etc.  We are in no way attempting to deny the revisionists a
forum.  We are simply bringing into the forum the PROLETARIAN ideology
that serves the world revolution, in opposition to bourgeois ideologies
masquerading as "Marxism". In fact, the inclusion of these
revisionist ideas on this list is very useful to show the clear difference
between opposing ideologies and opposing classes.

Gina/ Detroit

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