Professor Muddle Returns (Well, Sort of)

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Mon Apr 1 16:42:04 MST 1996

Louis Godena:
>Returning from Boston yesterday evening, I was perplexed by a cryptic
>message from our dear departed (I thought) friend, L Proyect.  The professor

>is, apparently, writing a book of some sort of his experiences these past
>few weeks battling the forces of darkness on the internet.  Was I, the
>professor wanted to know, his tone dropping precipitously to a dull
>cyclopean effect; was I a member of the "RI CP"?

Just how fucking important do you think you are Godena? You are nothing more
than an unemployed (I gather) carpenter and a foul-mouthed, smartass punk.
Your rants remind me of kid that is shot robbing a convenience store in the
film Repo Man. As he lays dying, he launches into a soliloquy about
alienation and blames society. Someone kneeling over him says something like,
But you are just a bored suburban punk. With his dying breath the kid says,
Yeah, but it still hurts.

I have never been so ashamed of a brother in all my life. That I have to get
nauseated by your posts rather than actually learn something from Louis
Proyect enrages me beyond reason. Go to hell.

Sally Ryan

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