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As this is a request for information, and not a debate, I will break the
mailer into its constituent parts to answer each assertion separatedly -
whatever is not commented, is relatively accurate (in general outlines and
skipping episodic details)

>     The following appears in a box in a recently published
>textbook that is being widely used around the world:
>               "A New Type of Marxism?

About the leader of the PCP:

> His followers proclaim him to represent the "fourth stage"
>of Marxism, "Marxist-Leninist-Gonzalo" thought.

In my opinion, maybe some wits have expressed themselves in such terms, and
the bourgeois press has picked this up in order to portray the Party as an
ultra-left Party running far ahead of the era, is part of their strategy to
mistify.  The Party holds that we live in the era of Maoism - as a distinct
stage in the process of development of the proletarian revolution, and that
Chairman Mao's decisive contributions to Marxism in its three component
parts, as a whole, have indeed raised Marxism into its third and FINAL
stage.  That, with Maoism, now the proletariat has adquired both the
sufficient clarity in theory and sufficient practical experience for waging
victoriously the class struggle all the way through to the final aim,
communism. The Party also holds that Chairman Gonzalo has creatively applied
Maoism to Peruvian reality and that such application constitutes an specific
Thought, as is necessary to have for every concrete different reality.  That
this applications have indeed advanced Marxist understanding on a number of
specific fields and in many important ways has clarified and, more
importantly, upholded, defended and applied Maoism helping it to develop at
the international level. The contributions of Chairman Gonzalo to Maoism are
very important and historic.
Gonzalo is a continuator of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Chairman Mao,
but the General Line today for the International Communist Movement is
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, as one and the same unity developed into a superior
stage of its OWN process of completion.

>     After 1980 Sendero Luminoso gained control of much of Peru,
>drawing on a base among poverty-stricken Quechua and Aymara-speaking
>Indians in the Andes mountains, descendants of the proud but humbled
>Inca Empire.

This is correct, but only one sided, because also in the cities,
universities, proletarian zones and labourers of the coast of Peru, and in
the jungle areas, the Party is present in strenght, according to conditions.
Obviously, the regime will control more of the urban areas (but not securely
and only by fascist military occupation of shantytowns, for example).  If
the above is taken as bases where the Party has liberated territories and
the army is incapable of dislodging its armed forces, then yes.

In 1992 Gonzalo was arrested, but his movement continues
>although considerably weakened with him now an imprisoned martyr.

There is no question that the capture of Chairman Gonzalo, deprived
temporarily the Central Organs of leadership of his personal leadership, and
also that the regime's "Stolypin" style reactionary onslaught has resulted
in a moment of offensive of the reactionary forces, but that now has been
halted, and the People's War is advancing again, having passed through a
very serious test of its stamina.  I refer the reader to the latest article
in Newsweek magazine this week: "The Return of Shining Path".  The point is
that the People's War never stopped, never ceased, it grows in waves, and
waves have ups and downs.  We are now entering into the stage of strategic
offensive of the revolution in Peru.

>thought is shown by the following quotation:
>          'If you're talking about exploitation and oppression,
>     you're talking about the state; if you're talking about the
>     state, you're talking about class struggle; if you're talking
>     about class struggle, you're talking about mass struggle; and,
>     as time has shown over and over again, if you're talking about
>     mass struggle you're talking about rebellion, armed struggle,
>     guerrilla warfare---as our own situation proves today.  Our
>     people, like all the peoples of the world, have their own proud
>     history of struggle etched in their blood and heroism.'
>     [Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru, "Develop
>     Guerrilla Warfare," English translation (Berkeley: Committee
>     to Support the Revolution in Peru, 1985, p. 17]"

Yes, as a sample of his writings it is a quote from the Chairman.  Something
completely in accordance with what Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin or Mao could
have said at any time, or can any one deny this?  You can look it up in the
Spanish language edition of the works of Chairman Gonzalo. There is an
internet site on this, try  go Politics, go PCP. Maybe
the people from New Flag can give you the proper address.

>     Anybody care to comment on the accuracy, reasonableness, etc. of
>the above?  BTW, a red znachki pin with a picture of Marx in it to
>anybody who can provide the EXACT citation for the above, including
>page number.  A free trip to Australia might be included as well!
>Barkley Rosser
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