A modicum of civility

Chris Faatz cfaatz at teleport.com
Mon Apr 1 18:15:10 MST 1996

Some of the garbage posted on this list today is quite amazing. I had no
idea that baiting, personal attacks, and obloquy were a part of Marxist
polemics. I always worked under the understanding that "putting politics
in command," the use of patience, and reasoning were the key to winning
adherents to a revolutionary position on certain questions.

Also, my understanding was that the pro-PCP-SL "faction" had "won" the
list. After all, isn't Louis Project now calling this the Sendero list?
So, why the nastiness? Can't discussion proceed apace, the important
questions raised in prior posts be addressed, without invective, cant,
and biliousness?

It's not Marxism. It's infantilism, and not even of a leftish cast.


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