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Jon Flanders:

  Did anyone see George Carlin on HBO last Saturday? I think a lot of us might
more profitably study him than some of the esoteric texts and holy writs of
marxism that get spun around the track here.

  He tore out on the stage and proceeded to tear bourgeois america a new
asshole on the subject of abortion and the death penalty. He was connecting
with his audience with an analysis that had some real class content.

  I was prodded to watch the show by one of my younger co-workers who is a
real Carlin nut, with cassette tapes he passes around. I listened to some of
them on my way to work recently.

  Watching him perform, it struck me that here was a popular "socialist" comic
reaching millions of people, and if the folks in the audience were any guide,
a lot of them were standing up and cheering.

  In discussions at work, it turned out that my local chairman had watched the
show as well, and loved it. He is a native born Italian, catholic, and believe
me, Carlin didn't pull any punches on the abortion issue.

  If we had a socialist political leadership out there, who could rip and roar
like Carlin, the working class would be miles ahead of where we are now.

  Are there any other comics working this vein? I saw Brett Butler a couple of
times, and she seems to be in the same ballpark.

  At any rate, the show gave me some renewed hope for the future of marxism,
which sad to say, some of the ravings on this l*st at the moment discourage.

 Best, Jon Flanders

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