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Mon Apr 1 22:15:11 MST 1996

On 2 Apr 1996 Ryan at bitstream.mpls.mn.us wrote:

> Chris Faatz:
> >Louis, you know as well as I do the reasons that no one has heard of the
> >CLP. They operated semi-clandestinely for years, they were particularly
> >effective in the Black and Latino communities, and they have evolved over
> >the years into the League of Revolutionaries for a New America (and, no,
> >I am not a member).
> >They were successful in attracting a large part of the League of
> >Revolutionary Black Workers in Detroit, an dhave played a major role
> >in organizing homeless activists, cultural activists, and peoples of
> >color.
> I'm glad to hear the CLP has done some good work. Like most trade unionists,
> I only wish I'd had never heard of them. They undermined a coalition of
> unionists that came together to aid in the struggle with Local P-9 in the
> Hormel strike. They positioned their membership strategically in the National
> Rank-and-File Against Concessions.

[cut excellent Rachleff quote--helluva book]

You know, in their former incarnation, if not in this one, it seems to
me that they did a lot of that kind of pseudo-entrism--moving in, and
trying to "position their membership strategically" in various movements
and organizations that they thought were moving in a progressive
direction. I was in one, and they completely turned me off--I resigned
>from the national board (or let my membership drop) out of sheer anger
and frustration.

Of course, to be fair, the same could be said of many of the Trot splinter
groups that I've been in coalitions with.... And, some of the non-splinter
groups, but the major ("define your term, here, Chris, as regards 'major'
Trot groups" :-)) Trot formations as well. The ISO in particular comes to
mind in this respect.

LRNA, though--the former CLP--seems to have turned over a new leaf. I
watch them with great interest, and even read their press regularly. Not
many orgs I can say that of. One of the areas where I think they're
really paving the way is in pointing out and helping define the
progressive potential of religiously-based struggles. Their paper has
a column in each issue that addresses nothing but that.

Also, they're not a *party* formation, really, in the way that I'd
understand that any longer. More of a mass united front, trying to pull
together various segments that are objectively anti-capitalist, and
aiming them, around a basic program, at the pillars of capitalist

It's something new, and very interesting.


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