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Chris Faatz cfaatz at teleport.com
Mon Apr 1 22:48:52 MST 1996

On Tue, 2 Apr 1996, hariette spierings wrote:

> I said a Thousand flowers bloom, not a thousand "dougs" bark. Funny how you
> think banter is vitriol and sheer obscenity from the "dougs" is a school of
> thought?  My, My, for an objective man C2 you are coming a bit short!

My, Adolfo, for a proponent of a thousand schools, your "bantering" with
Doug certainly seems more like a conscious attempt at degradation than
like any attempt at furthering a discussion.

Not that his "fuck you"s are any more pleasing to the palate.
> Develop your school and stop pandering to others

Who's pandering? I'm clear enough in my politics: 1) they're marxist;
2) that means that they're not frozen, but open to reason, debate, and
a changing world; 3) they demand a certain type of expression in their
being shared. Even with those who I disagree with fundamentally, I
would hope that on a public list I could share more in the way of
dialogue and polemic than invective and scatalogical abuse.

Now, shall we return--or move onto--politics?

Anyone want to suggest some lines of thought that might be addressed?


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