L'st subs analysed by country

Chris, London 100423.2040 at compuserve.com
Tue Apr 2 00:19:09 MST 1996

Otto promptly analysed the l'st stats for 1st April

I asked his opinion whether it was better to wait a week or two
to see how M1 and M2 (sounds like definitions of the money supply!)
settle down. But he said, and I agree on reflection, with stats
its is better to keep to a regular threshold, though we - or any
one else could analyze later too.

So I am taking his suggestion and forwarding directly to the l'st.

Chris Burford

ar (argentina)    9
au (australia)    19
ca (canada)       15
cl (chile)        1
co (colombia)     2
de (germany)      10
dk (denmark)      3
es (spain)        1
fi (finland)      1
fr (france)       4
hk (hong kong)    2
ie (ireland)      3
il (israel)       2
it (italy)        9
jp (japan)        3
kr (south korea)  4
nl (netherlands)  1
no (norway)       2
nz (new zealand)  6
se (sweden)       5
th (thailand)     1
uk (britain)      22
us (usa)          197
za (south africa) 2

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