Proyect Speaks

boddhisatva kbevans at
Tue Apr 2 02:33:25 MST 1996

		Mr. Henwood,

	Tell Mr. Proyect that when you leave a debate, you leave a debate.
If he wants to engage the PCP, he knows their e-mail addresses.  I'm sure
that their defamations of him and his defenses have no place on a list for
discussing Marxism.

	Furthermore, wht is wrong with a Marxism mailing list providing a
space for Maoists to talk to one another (with the occasional commentary from
outside)?   As long as they don't flood the list, who cares?  Certainly they
are Marxists and want to discuss Marxism.  Just because they are a small
sect, doesn't mean that they are moot.  Obviously it is perfectly appropriate
for people to have separate conversations on a mailing list.  Oh, and by the
way, conversation is often more than one line with an obscenity in it.



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