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rakesh bhandari djones at uclink.berkeley.edu
Wed Apr 3 03:19:06 MST 1996

>>This analogy is limited, of course, but I do think that our view
>>of the realities of the world situation can be distorted and clouded
>>just that drastically by the material comforts and propaganda blitz/
>>information suppression we experience living in these imperialist

Has anyone read the report on AIDS in India in the latest Nation?

I was talking a couple of weeks ago to the chief scientist, a Silicon
Valley Indian, for the home AIDS test.  He had already alerted me to the
gravity of the problem, both a potential holocaust and market opportunity
for him.

He also said that he had to leave Delhi in two days as he simply couldn't

While the infection will spread through prostitution, it would seem that
much else is breaking down the immune system: run-away industrial growth,
cuts in public health, declining wages, unemployment, etc.

Five years ago, I made a trip one Bombay evening to the red light zone.  It
was as horrifying as the reporter has portrayed, something even Mira Nair's
 Salaam Bombay will not prepare you for.  I went with a cousin who had just
returned from Dartmouth College where his progressive student activities
prompted the reactionary student paper to put his face on a starving third
world body and a beggar's bowl in his hand.

But during my stay, the Bombay working class also produced a general
strike.  My strict Jain grandfather remained oblivious as the path to the
mandir remained clear, while the wealthy side of my family proclaimed that
it was of no concern.

The militant and resourceful worker did not figure into this reporter's
world of ugly men, abused women, social workers, concerned doctors, corrupt
politicians and mafiasos.

 In poverty however there is more than impoverishment.  This a Marxist
never forgets even as he finds himself overwhelmed by the degradation and
corruption of this world we must leave.

In the face of this genocidal disease of unknown origins, the oppressed and
exploited people of India may still shake the world.


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