Hans as moderator of the Shining Path list?

hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Tue Apr 2 04:30:18 MST 1996

>		Mr. Proyect,
>	Haven't you left, yet?
>	peace

I will like to comment on the current situation in the list.  It is obvious
that Mr. Project and his gang never left but just maneouvred themselves to
carry on with their attempts at smothering any possibility of a real Marxist
debate in this list. Now they have entered into the Kornilovite period with
Professor Hans playing as Kerenski.

A self appointed "provisonal" moderating regime was established by Professor
Eghbar with the now openly acknowledged aim of "proving" that supporters of
the Peruvian People's War are "downright counter-revolutionaries".  That is
his idea on serving Proyect's aims by different means.  However, Proyect,
wants the throne for himself alone and, like Kornilov, is not prepared to
countenance fools standing in his way to "thriumphal return" of the "all
conquering hero".

Professor Egbahr's programme of engaging in meaningful debate,  has not yet
materialised.  However, it is now clear that he intends to enter it with his
mind already made up.  We are no fools professor.  We know our friends from
our enemies, no matter how much they attempt to conceal themselves in
friendly garments.

Stalin, who you supposedly defend, characterised fascism as reaction on the
move.  We are on the move - i.e. engaged on revolutionary action.  However,
you consider the People's War we defend as "downright counter-revolutionary"
in ist actions and "ultra-left" - which is another way of saying rightwing
and counter-revolutionary, in its actions.

You are calling us fascists, and you do not even realise it.  Covering it up
in "friendly" language, makes no difference to the essence of your class
position. I just wanted to note this, so that you do not complain later when
your turn comes.  Or do you subscribe to some sort of "academic immunity
law" that prevents sharp criticism from being levelled at you, while is
alright for anyone of your cavalier sort, i.e. those "privileged" by fat
salaries in bourgeois universities, to get away with all sorts of insults
without paying any price for that?  Seems to me like the case of US
imperialism calling whoever they like "war criminals" and refusing to look
in the mirror!.

Up to now, all your "moderating" has been rather one sided, and under those
conditions the most one can recognise from you is the condition of new spoon
liasson.  We are all moderators now in this list, as Mr. Boddisatva is
demonstrating. So either stand up for real justice, or just limit yourself
to posting information and stop your silly attempts at psychonalysis,
otherwise debate as you envision, would be impossible and counter-productive.

A. O.

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