Godena's work schedule & a point or two

Louis R. Godena godenas at edgenet.net
Tue Apr 2 07:03:13 MST 1996

There seems to be an undue interest in my work schedule.  For the record, I
am a millwright, which means I set up machinery in factories.  It is a
jurisdiction covered by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of
America, AFL-CIO, of which I am a member.  For the past five years or so, my
work has been almost entirely on the graveyard (11-7 shift).  This leaves my
days free for a number of activities, including posting to this list and
washing my truck (not necessarily in order of importance).

Ms. Ryan, if you would like to continue learning from Mr Proyect, e-mail him
privately at lnp at Columbia.edu .  I am sure he will tell you how to subscribe
to Marxism2.

The treasonous activities of the national labor leadership--with a great
deal of help from their local wannabees--have greased the skids for millions
of laid off and downsized workers.  I posted some time ago that we, as
workers, need an alternative to these "unions."  I still believe that.

                                         Louis Godena

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