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Tue Apr 2 09:33:57 MST 1996

>At 9:48 PM 4/1/96, Chris Faatz wrote:
>>My, Adolfo, for a proponent of a thousand schools, your "bantering" with
>>Doug certainly seems more like a conscious attempt at degradation than
>>like any attempt at furthering a discussion.
>>Not that his "fuck you"s are any more pleasing to the palate.
>It's impossible to have a serious conversation with people whose view of
>the world is that you're either an uncritical supporter or you're a
>One of the awful things about the cowardly splitting of this list is that
>M2 is now the home of theoretical exchanges, and praxis has been ceded to
>the lunatics on M1.
>By the way, it's an old CIA trick to mangle the names of your enemies.
>During the Gulf War, George Bush was reportedly advised by the agency he
>used to head to mispronounce SADD-am Hussein's name to objectify and
>humiliate him. Another example of the wilderness of mirrors....

Get a brain of your own, Douggy, and we may talk.  In the meantime, when did
you ever wanted to have a serious conversation in the first place?  Look at
the record, and see what your contributions amout to.  No more than wuff
wuff to whatever Proyect was telling you!

So, don't moan and try to raise to the human condition with your own
efforts. It may work, you never know.


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