A modicum of civility

Chris Faatz cfaatz at teleport.com
Tue Apr 2 12:46:42 MST 1996

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, Ken Howard wrote:

> What absolute bullshit you spout. Yeah, I'm for socialist revolution in
> Peru as for the rest of the world, but how pretentious of you to consider
> that you have won a "victory" and can get away with the nonsense that the
> only revolutionary is one who supports the PCP leadership faction. Do you
> deny the following :
> a. A significant section of the PCP on the ground is opposed to the current
> unflinching line of the leadership faction.
> b.The PCP leadership faction has only ever allowed one congress of members
> in 14 years.
> c. Homosexuality is considered by the leadership faction of the PCP to be a
> corrupter of youth
> d.The debacles of the PKI in Indonesia,the CCP in Phillipines, the
> Naxalites in India, all who followed the "peoples war line" to the
> exclusion of mass work led to the needless slaughter of hundreds of
> thousands if not millions of people.

Huh. Mr Adolfo, I don't suppose that these quite clearly formulated
questions regarding the significance and direction of the so-called
Peruvian "Peoples' War" merit a considered and well-documented reply,
now do they?

I'd certainly be grateful to hear one.


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