gays in the PCP

Stephen E Philion philion at
Tue Apr 2 20:47:51 MST 1996

Ken's point here really hits home.  It is interesting that harriet seems
rather shy about addressing issues related to sexuality...wonder why?

> Its hardly the point is it not that sexual preference is not just a matter
> of "personal interest". The bolshevics on coming to power in 1917 removed
> any legislative oppression of lesbians and gay men.Oppressive legislation
> was re-introduced under Stalin in the 1920's. The issue is not as Adolpho
> contends just one of whether "the masses support" stated broadly like that.
> Such simplistic notions can be used to justify anything, i.e. the "masses "
> supported Hitler at one time but that did not make him right.Oppression of
> lesbians and gays is real and purpotrated by capitalism. But it is also
> purpotrated by those claiming to be revolutionary.
> Two questions to Adolpho.
> A0 Does the PCP consider homosexuality to be a "corruption of youth.?
>    Has the PCP killed homosexuals because they are "corruptors of youth"
> KenHoward.
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