I challenge Adolfo to a debate on fascism

Luis Quispe lquispe at blythe.org
Tue Apr 2 21:14:05 MST 1996

> As far as we know, Project is politically dead, you don't debate
  with quiters, he stinks!
> Louis:
> I will be filing a series of articles on the subject of Stalin's
> complicity in the rise of fascism in Germany and Spain. I will show that
> Stalin made one criminal mistake after another from the 1920s until the
> outbreak of WWII. People like Olaechea, who support Stalin, are supporting
> policies which helped fascism.
> The topics I will be covering are:
> 1) Stalin's "third period"
> 2) Stalin's Popular Front strategy in Spain
> 3) Stalin and the outbreak of WWII (treaties with Germany, purge of
> generals, etc.)
> Olaechea has a big job in front of him defending these policies. He will
> be defeated since his speciality is rhetoric rather than history, as is
> mine. He has urinated on the floor of this list for weeks now and he
> needs to be house-broken like a dog. His nose will be rubbed in his
> Stalinist pee and he will learn to behave himself.
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