strategic offensive of world revolution

Luciano Dondero DOND001 at
Tue Apr 2 22:38:04 MST 1996

It is rumoured that on 02 Apr 96 17:50:37 EST
"Chris, London" wrore among other things:

"The defeat of
the hegemonic power of Western Imperialism, the USA by peoples wars in
Korea and Vietnam, is one of the geo-political landmarks of this century."

Something wrong here.
Korea was hardly a defeat for US imperialism. It would had been had the UN
troops been pushed onto the sea.
But above all, where was the people's war in Korea?

Against the massive intervention by world imperialism there was the might of
the Chinese Army supporting/taking the place of the Korean "masses".
Then, most of the Korean war (timewise) was trench warfare reminiscent of WWI.

Furthermore, the US debated whether to launch a nuclear strike or not
against the Chinese, and decided they should not do it. A Soviet spy, McLean
if I don't remember it wrong, was instrumental in passing this info to
Stalin, hence the green light to Peking.

I find it very hard to regard all these things as "people's war". But, then,
I am no Maoist byzantine scholar...

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