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There is an absence of revolutionary marxism in the world today. There is
a pressing need to establish a marxist movement yet none exists. There are movements and groups that describe themselves as m
arxists but which are in essence radical petty bourgeois in character.

In order to create the conditions for the building of a marxist movement a
serious examination of modern history has to be made. This means re-examining the history of marxism from its inception. In
this way we can learn from  both marxism's strengths and weaknesses. There
must also be a re-examination of marxist theory in order to integrate marxist theory into a unity. At present marxist theory
 is disjointed, incomplete and perhaps even erroneous in some of its
aspects. In short marxist theory needs to be developed. By establishing  an integrated body of marxist theory, a basically correct
  understanding of the history of marxism and modern history in general
the theoretical ground is laid for building a political movement.

In order to achieve this an organized group of dedicated marxist
intellectuals is indispensable.

In attempting to achieve the above task such a group will be required to
present analyses and positions on fundamental contemporary issues such as the world economic, political and cultural situation
. In this way it hopes to have succeeded in producing a whole series of
documents on aspects of the global situation. These documents will help lay the theoretical foundation for the establishment of
 a marxist political movement.

The contemporary global political situation is so impoverished that, to be
quite frank, there is no way individual marxists or even small groups of marxist intellectuals can at present make a positiv
e political contribution to the development of the class struggle.
Contemporary left politics is so reactionary that the conditions for political intervention are absent. Radical petty bourgeois elem
ents masquerade as marxist while  engaging in internecine squabbling on
the fringes of political landscape. They serve the interests of the bourgeoisie by obstructing the establishment and developmen
t of marxism's political presence. The present state of the Marxism List
provides graphic evidence in support of this. They can also serve to demoralize and frustrate radical elements within the mass
es, dissatisfied with the capitalist system, who are seeking for effective
ways to combat it and replace it.

Given that marxism as a political force is non-existent it is necessary to
re-establish its political existence. And given that the vast majority of literature claiming to be marxist  is essentially
the outpourings of radical petty bourgeois elements it is necessary to
theoretically re-establish marxism too. Indeed it is a task that is tantamount to archaeology. In short a fresh start is indispe

In view of this the following tasks are what we aim to achieve:

a re-examination of the history of marxism
a re-examination of the basic documents of classical marxism.
a re-examination of modern history
an analysis of the contemporary world in its economic, political and
cultural context.
production and dissemination of documents with regard to the above

If you wish to discuss the above with me or even participate in this
project contact me at the following address:

Karl Carlile
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