I challenge Adolfo to a debate on fascism

hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Wed Apr 3 04:34:24 MST 1996

>> As far as we know, Project is politically dead, you don't debate
>  with quiters, he stinks!
>> Louis:
>> I will be filing a series of articles on the subject of Stalin's
>> complicity in the rise of fascism in Germany and Spain. I will show that
>> Stalin made one criminal mistake after another from the 1920s until the
>> outbreak of WWII. People like Olaechea, who support Stalin, are supporting
>> policies which helped fascism.
>> The topics I will be covering are:
>> 1) Stalin's "third period"
>> 2) Stalin's Popular Front strategy in Spain
>> 3) Stalin and the outbreak of WWII (treaties with Germany, purge of
>> generals, etc.)
>> Olaechea has a big job in front of him defending these policies. He will
>> be defeated since his speciality is rhetoric rather than history, as is
>> mine. He has urinated on the floor of this list for weeks now and he
>> needs to be house-broken like a dog. His nose will be rubbed in his
>> Stalinist pee and he will learn to behave himself.

Not to worry, reactionaries, and Proyect is become now an out and out
Kornilov style reactionary, can only pick stones to drop them in their own feet.

Hopefully, it will not take too long to dispose of his pathetic challenge.
Let him lay his witches brews on the table, and we will show how
anti-Marxist, anti-Leninist and preposterous his whole analysis and method
actually is.  We should respect these teachers by negative example and let
them give us the lesson in such a way that we, by our efforts, can turn into
a service to the people's cause and the world revolution.  You shall see.
Lets keep doing positive things until he reveals the reactionary essence of
his very soul, then will flay him!.


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