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Wed Apr 3 06:34:25 MST 1996

>>>>Ken Howard:
>>>>>d.The debacles of the PKI in Indonesia,the CCP in Phillipines, the
>>>>>Naxalites in India, all who followed the "peoples war line" to the
>>>>>exclusion of mass work led to the needless slaughter of hundreds of
>>>>>thousands if not millions of people.
>>>>I'm sure you don't mean it this way, but this sounds like an article I once
>>>>read in the Wall Street Journal which somehow implied without saying it
>>>>that it was the PKI in Indonesia who slaughtered people. Suharto,
>>>>Marcos-Aquino, and Indira Gandhi, and the states they represent, bear the
>>>>primary responsibility for the "needless slaughter," correct?
>>>Ah, but my dear Archbishop:  He does actually want to mean precisely that!
>>>This man receives his "political line" straight from Fujimori and his latest
>>>bout of paid "special reports" appearing in papers such as The Economist
>>>here in Britain, and I am sure, also in the Wall Street Journal, and others
>>>of the same ilk.
>>>What it boils down to is the following:
>>>Fujimori has hit upon the scheme of "peace agreements" (he has even started
>>>mumbling a bit of Chairman Mao himself - Chung-king negotiations and all
>>>that). Inspired by US imperialists anti-insurgency, this scheme is as
>>>1.  To use fabrications around the idea that there is a split in the PCP.
>>>They have engineered a phoney peace call on behalf of "Chairman Gonzalo" -
>>>to whom not even the Red Cross has had access since he supposed ly appeared
>>>in a government video - Jurassic Park technology - calling for peace talks
>>>to "put an end to the People's war.
>>2.  A handful of Peruvian traitors abroad and some broken souls in the
>>>prisons (350 out of 14,000) have "endorsed the peace agreement", some in
>>>exchange of a few blankets and a bowl of porridge, and some because they
>>>have been systematically tortured.  In fact the dictator himself publically
>>>declared that Gonzalo was subjected to "Psychological maneouvres" by Dr.
>>>Luza, who is the Psycho-warfare expert at the service of Vladimiro
>>>Montesinos, the CIA trained National Security adviser of Fujimori) have -
>>>supported under the table by Bobby Avakian and his mignons, attempted to
>>>make this charade fly.
>>>3.  They propose to hold a "II Congress" inside the jails! and under the
>>>supervision of the regime's security apparatus, with the object of
>>>surrendering the People's War.  They really think that the people of Peru
>>>and the revolutionaries of the world are total idiots!  Bobby Avakian is
>>>certainly one of them!
>>>4.  Contrary to the claims of the dictatorship and their voluntary or
>>>involuntary mouthpieces such as Ken - who probably just parrots what he
>>>reads in the financial press and can tell a "Special supplement" from actual
>>>economic data and information - which is how the bouregeois economist press
>>>is useful for Marxists - Chairman Gonzalo himself is not part of this
>>>charade, as proven by the fact that despite our challenges to prove their
>>>unwarranted assertions - now for more than 3 years - the regime still keeps
>>>him in total isolation, and not even the Red Cross is allowed to see him or
>>>talk to him.  If Chairman Gonzalo was in any way behind this "peace
>>>agreement" as Fujimori - and Ken - claim, would not you then let him
>>>campaign for his points of view openly and in a way that he could be most
>>>effective for your aims?
>>>Finally, have you ever heard of the Paris Commune? Apparently Ken's idea is
>>>to accuse the Communards as bloody Naxalite-Shining Path Maoists for having
>>>dared to rebel and led to "the needless slaughter of hundreds of thousands".
>>>We haven't lost the war yet, and we are not going to!  So, Ken (Maybe
>>>related to KENjo Fujimori?) surely does not all that much deserve your
>>>Grace's absolution, me thinks!  I have already condemned him to the awful
>>>death of a thousand "delete keys".
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>>>Ken: Ah but my dear Adolfo you have been caught not telling the truth
>>>again. 1.From your own documents I quote " A group of people historically
>>>associated with the PCP centered mainly in the prisons but finding at
>>>least some support from PCP members and sympathisers outside of prisons
>>>and abroad called upon the whole party to 'fight for a peace accord' "
>>>(Rally to the defence of our red flag flying in Peru. 28 March 1995.) and
>>>again " A group of people who historically had played leading roles in the
>>>PCP have been vigorously promoting a line of peace conversations to reach
>>>a Peace Agreement. " (Let the lessons of the past fire the way forward!
>>>June 1994.) Hardly a few traitors abroad or poor souls in prison..or have
>>>these leading role players in the PCP now been dispensed with ?
>>>2.Again from the same document "This is all the more true in the concrete
>>>situation of today when it is impossible to know with certainty the views
>>>of Chairman Gonzalo." Perhaps since you know for certainty you'de better
>>>inform the CC.
>>Ken Howard
>Ken deserves at least a temporary reprieve from the "death of a thousand
>delete keys".
>He gives us precise confirmation of what AVAKIAN and his gang of Fujimori
>agents are doing.  Yes that is what Avakian's magazine A World To Win says.
>Not the PCP, or Sol Peru, El Diario or New Flag or any of the real
>his info wrong, confuses the "publi-reportages" paid for the Fujimori regime
>with factual information and now the Fujimori sponsored propaganda in the
>crypto/trotskyst and phoney Maoist Avakian gang as the line of the PCP.
>What he has just done, if a sincere misunderstanding, proves the contention
>that Avakian is in fact serving reaction as a dis-information tool of US
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     --- from list marxism at lists.village.virginia.edu ---

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