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Wed Apr 3 07:53:55 MST 1996

Louis N Proyect writes:

>Louis: I reject the authority of the Spoons collective and I also reject
>Ehrbar's authority in his capacity as "liaison" to this meaningless body.
>The Spoons collective created a mailing list on the Internet and then
>walked away from it. Ehrbar is an apologist for Olaechea and he has no
>business acting as moderator for this reason. Period.

I heard many stories whispered in the underground about the truth behind the
tales of Marxist nirvana in M2... How, despite the photo-op smiles,
something far more insidious was taking place. How "M2 pods" are secretly
placed next to the unsuspecting newcomers, in anticipation of the onset of

Those of us in the hinterlands between M1 and M2 huddled around our
campfires at night, shared songs and assured each other these were the Lies
of the Bourgeoisie.

Yet, with this paragraph quoted above, the truth screams out: For, clearly,
Louis N Proyect has become one of the "Jerry Levy pod people." God help the
spooners who will now be subjected to five megs of "demands" to remove Hans
-- much as Jerry Levy did when he wrote almost identical complaints about
Louis as a moderator in December and January.


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