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On point a:

You are quoting Co-RIM documents here, not PCP documents.  If you want
PCP policy, I would suggest you contact the Peru People's Movement (New
Flag), since they are, unlike Co-RIM, actually in close touch w/ developments
in Peru.

>Leader Olachea however also disagrees with you, where you claim no support,
>he claims 350.

What is 350?  Taking that number to be true, so what?  We're not talking about
some US sectlet here, where 350 folks would constitute a fraction larger than
the actually existing group.  The People's War is an enormouse movement of
the exploited masses of Peru.

>The point is that the PCP does not allow any view other then that of the
>leadership faction to exist.

Fujimori and the Peruvian political police do not constitute a fraction of
the PCP.

On point b.

Again, you are quoting Co-RIM documents.  Are you familiar w/ the polemic that
has been proceeding vs. the Co-RIM since--when was it?--1992?

On point c.

So you think that if you offer me a _source_ for your allegation that the PCP
persecutes homosexuals (as corrupters of the youth or any other such thing)
I will put your source's name on an "assassination list"?  Are you mad?

I think I once read something to that effect in the Christian Science Monitor.
Naturally, the article offered no source.  The reason for this is that the only
"source" for these slanders is the Peruvian government, the credibility of
which is, of course, zero -- so low, in fact, that bourgeois media in the US
prefers to offer _no_ attribution rather than admit they are getting their info
directly from the genocidal murderers themselves.

On point d.

My point was that the PCP has done immense amounts of mass work, and
that several non-party, non-army organizations exist in all sectors of society
mobilizing the population in support of the People's War.  My reading of
Luis' reply to you did not indicate any disagreement w/ this assertion.

-- Matt D.

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