Challenge to Maoists

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Wed Apr 3 11:49:44 MST 1996

Comrade Lnp challenged Maoists in a free discussion on the historical issue

of Stalinism. I'm really dubious that they will answer in a reasonable way.
I posted three msg. explaining (with details and names) how Stalin aided
Hitler to kill a couple of hundreds of German Communists (delivering them
to Nazi Germany). No answer from the Stalinists.

Later, Godenas accused comrade Proyect to be equivalent to people that
"morally" aided Pinochet or Suharto.

I posted explaining (and giving evidences) how Mao aided Pinochet's
butchers, closing down the doors of the Chinese embassy in Santiago in face
of leftists who try to fly junta's terror. And aided to disarm the
Indonesian Communist Party, so that they could make no resistence in face
of Suharto. No answer on their side.

Are they nothing to say about Mao's and Stalin's betrayals?

They claim that they have "won" a war they don't want to fight! If the
marxism-lst is still alive is not because Maoist's intervention, but
notwitstanding them. And in fact calling somebody "fascist" or similar in a
discussion in the left is really a confession of bankruptcy. They have no
argument beside insults and slander.
But, after all, what do you want to do? This has been actually the essence
of Maoism in the imperialist countries.
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