strategic offensive of world revolution

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Wed Apr 3 10:01:34 MST 1996


>Someone here recently described Vietnam as a defeat for US imperialism.
>Is this really true? It seems imperialism lost the battle but won the war,
>at least for now. There have been very few revolutions since the US left
>Vietnam; Southeast Asia is one of the most rampantly capitalist regions of
>the world; and even Vietnam itself is courting foreign investment. For the
>last 20 years, the US has been torturing Vietnam with considerable success,
>and quietly supported the Khmer Rouge, partly in pursuit of this project of
>torture. Two or three million dead Indochinese vs. some 50,000 dead
>Americans. In 1996, who seems to have lost?

I was about to say. Anyone with any doubts left should read the article by
Michel Chossudovsky in the July 94 issue (no. 47) of Third World
Resurgence. Along with the fact of Holocaust victims violently oppressing
Palestinians, it's one of those things that threatens to make one
completely lose faith in humanity.


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