"The Days of Yore" and other Lyst Myths

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Wed Apr 3 09:23:25 MST 1996

At 9:37 AM 4/3/96, zodiac wrote:

>I believe the "US militias" were given a fairer hearing in M1 than the PCP.
>I know Doug several times asked people not to fall prey to the mass media
>party line on the militias, to "not demonize them." Yet he is making lame
>puns about shithole drugs like "angel dust" -- and then people like Rahul
>wonder why Adolpho launches into the juvenalia about "douggy doug" and
>equally lame puns.

My point about "the militias" was that it was an inaccurate shorthand for a
kind of white middle- and lower-class resentment of which taking up arms
was only one expression. People who blow up office buildings and kill
civilians are criminals, and are properly demonized. PCP-SL has run a very
bloody war around what appears to be a cult of personality and a horribly
juvenile ideology. So far their major achievement seems to have been to
make the vile Fujimori a popular figure. Adolfo himself reveres Stalin,
someone who's done more to discredit Marxism than anyone I can think of.
You may find the pun lame, but I think the evocation of madness is entirely



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