"The Days of Yore" and other Lyst Myths

zodiac zodiac at interlog.com
Wed Apr 3 11:00:56 MST 1996

Rather than string all this out into a series of silly postings to clutter
up space, I'll reply once to both and then drop it:

>I think you are an asshole, but I also think you are a socialist.

How DARE you call me a socialist. You cad.

>When you shrug your shoulders and say, "Oh, just another flame war.
>Happens on the Internet all the time." Yes, it does, Ken. Sometimes
>destroys a newsgroup or a mailing list; sometimes it doesn't. You do
>have very much invested in this list, but remember when you flamed y
>rival Web archivist (don't recall his name), nobody said, "tch, tch,
>just another flame war". Some things matter a lot to you, some things
>matter a lot to us.

"Rival web archivist?" Heh heh. Jonathan Jaynes can use anything anyone
anytime transcribes. He can rework it, reuse it, recycle it. I just insisted
he should not claim he was the source of work done by volunteers. I
certainly don't consider the texts of Karl Marx "mine." If they are, please
tell me where to pick up the royalties.

I'm not minimizing the human emotion involved in these endless flame wars in
cyberspace. Rather, I hope people will strip away the fetishism around the
little ephermeral vehicles themselves. Who cares if this one particular
informational eddy in the global data flow goes away? It's the human beings
I've met that I consider the important thing. And from each list, I "meet" a
few more people. Some of you I have known for coming on four years through
this medium. We keep finding each other in different forums, and talk in
private email, etc.

If Louis is really writing a book about "socialism and computers" with a
chapter on Adolpho, I sure hope he takes a few giant steps back from the
fray first. The list itself is a merely the fetish for the actual human
relationships. Those relationships continue without a computer in Virginia
swapping 1s and 0s.


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