Lenin's expectation: bourgeois-democratic revolution

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Wed Apr 3 11:47:58 MST 1996


Just to prove my point about Olaecha's hot-button.

Lenin said in 1915:

"The task is the waging of a supremely courageous revolutionary struggle
against the monarchy (utilizing the slogans of the January Conference of
1912, the 'three pillars'), a struggle that will sweep along in its wake
all the democratic masses, i.e., mainly the peasantry. At the same time,
the proletariat must wage a ruthless struggle against chauvinism, a
struggle against chauvinism, a struggle in alliance with the EUROPEAN
proletariat for the socialist revolution in Europe."

(From "Two lines of the revolution", Nov. 20, 1915, emphasis in

This is the stuff that keeps him up all night long, not anything I
ever said about Peru. He just can't accept the fact that Lenin expected
a bourgeois-democratic revolution in Russia, not a socialist one. Lenin
sometimes made mistakes, unlike Olaechea himself.

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