A modicum of civility

hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Wed Apr 3 12:04:39 MST 1996

>At 12:16 PM 4/3/96, hariette spierings wrote:
>>He gives us precise confirmation of what AVAKIAN and his gang of Fujimori
>>agents are doing.  Yes that is what Avakian's magazine A World To Win says.
>>Not the PCP, or Sol Peru, El Diario or New Flag or any of the real
>>his info wrong, confuses the "publi-reportages" paid for the Fujimori regime
>>with factual information and now the Fujimori sponsored propaganda in the
>>crypto/trotskyst and phoney Maoist Avakian gang as the line of the PCP.
>Memo to file: Further confirmation of the paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis;
>patient sees self as center of worldwide movement, with even ostensible
>allies held to be plotting against him. Capacity for reality testing
>thoroughly shot. Continues to play odd games with language, too. Capacity
>for talking therapy severely limited by nature of pathology.

The "Doug" is now playing Snoopy, playing with his stetoscope and goggles
and sitting forlorn by the side of an empty toy psychiatrist couch.  It
seems our "douggy" is now just a beagle, and not a fierce doberman like
before.  Maybe Kornilov's expedition is running out of steam already. Even
faithful "douggie" is too relaxed and sleepy for helping him any in a
successful assault.
Already so tired of chasing ducks in Marxism 2, douggy?

Take another nap, douggie.  I'll promise to wake you up when Kornilov stops
dithering and actually does something to implement his terrifying threats.

Right now, all YOUR MASTER'S VOICE is doing is bemoaning his loses and the
cruel dessertions of erst-while friends from his forlorn anti-Maoist
crusade. You will still have time to prove your loyalty to him to the finish
when the moment comes, whenever it does.  Just relax!


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