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Wed Apr 3 02:11:03 MST 1996

On Mon, 1 Apr 1996 00:14:33 +0100, Harriet/Adolpho wrote:

> Communist as such are people who do not bring their personal interests into
> the Party in any form.  A Communist Party is a party of the oppressed and
> exploited masses, a proletarian party.  Communists do not put self interest
> of any kind above the revolutionary duties, any Communist Party member is
> expected to fulfill such requisites as I outlined before, and that entails
> sacrifice of private interests, to have no friends as such, but comrades, to
> strike no ties above those of giving everything for the Party and the
> revolution, and that is why no one can be forced to be a party member, and
> memebership condition is both an honour and a duty.
> That said, if any party member fulfills all those conditions and enjoys the
> support of the masses sufficiently for them to recommend him as a member, he
> passes his probationary period or any such other conditions, his personal
> circunstances will not impinge in any way or cause the Party any trouble if
> these do not trouble the masses and bring the party disrepute in any set of
> concrete circunstances.
> You see, as Comrade Godenas said here no long ago: "Whatever advances the
> communist cause is moral, whatever retards or impedes, it is not".  That
> principle is what would guide a communist in his private conduct too, since
> everything is put at the service of the cause. And the Party can have no
> quarrel with that.
> A.O.


This is such unmitigated dogmatism and idealism, I can't believe "the
masses" recommended you for anything other than penning stereotypical
party bullshit. I'm no maoist, but I'll bet even Mao would roll over
in his grave if he could see what adolpho writes.

Adolpho, tu y tus compinches, los dichos revolucionarios en la lista
marxismo, son nada menos que los perros falderos de la clase
gobernante. Todos los esfuerzos de estos no pudieron convencer gente
honrada de dejar la lista. Pero por medio de los esfuerzos de un
puNado de contrarevolucionarios como tu, los verdaderos traidores a la
clase obrera, la lista estA en peligro de degenerar a punto que
parecerA una reuniOn de tIteres.

Robert Perrone

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