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>     Below is a repetition of the box summary from the as-yet
>unidentified book.  Apologies to anybody who is bored/offended
>by this.  All comments or suggested revisions welcome:
>          "A New Type of Marxism?
>     The strongest Maoist Party, and arguably the latest
>development in Marxist ideology, is the Communist Party of Peru,
>known as _Sendero Luminoso_ (Shining Path) since starting an
>active guerrilla movement in 1980.  In 1964 the party expelled
>a pro-Kruschev minority faction.  The Party then was eventually led by
>a former philosophy professor named Abimael Guzman, known as Chairman
>Gonzalo.  After spending time in China, he led the party to declare
>itself in 1969 to be a "Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party of a new type."
>His followers proclaim him to have developed Maoism in accordance to
Peruvian conditions and that contribution is known as "Gonzalo Thought.
>     After 1980 Sendero Luminoso gained control of much of Peru,
>drawing mainly on a base of poor peasants, many poverty-stricken Quechua
and Aymara-speaking
>Indians in the Andes mountains, descendants of the proud but humbled
>Inca Empire.  In 1992 Gonzalo was arrested, but his movement continues
>after a period of readjustment, with him now an imprisoned martyr,
beginning again to shake up the country.  The following quotation is
representative of his thought:
>          'If you're talking about exploitation and oppression,
>     you're talking about the state; if you're talking about the
>     state, you're talking about classes; if you're talking about
>     classes you're talking about class struggle; if you're talking
>     about class struggle, you're talking about mass struggle; and
>     as time has shown over and over again, if you're talking about
>     mass struggle you're talking about rebellion and armed struggle,
>     guerrilla warfare---as our own situation proves today.  Our people,
>     like all the peoples of the world, have their own proud history
>     of struggle etched in blood and heroism.'
>     [Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru, "Develop
>     Guerrilla Warfare," English translation (Berkeley: Committee to
>     Support the Revolution in Peru, 1985), p. 17]"
>Barkley Rosser
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