Lisa Rogers eqwq.lrogers at state.ut.us
Wed Apr 3 12:54:50 MST 1996

Louis P, have you checked the archive for stuff from me on Thurs, Fri
and Sat?  If you still have a more specific question about the
creation of M2, I will try to answer it.

It is true that Spoon was divided, it still is, and is still arguing
about everything.  It has no way to deal efficiently, if at all, with
things like this, and no known way to respond to expectations that it
"should" do this or that.  It is full of unresolvable contradictions.
 This is a non-official non-explanation of nothing, I know, but it is
all I can offer.

Fed up with absolutely everything, I had to get out of the thoroughly
intolerable position I felt myself to be in, so I did the only
"non-objectionable" [to spoon] thing that I could do, the only thing
that could be done in less than a week, to save my own sanity and to
provide a different kind of forum for those that wanted one:  make M2
and resign from my "official" capacity with regard to M1.

To say that Spoon "abandoned" M1 is to imply that it had some
particular obligation other than the technical enabling of the
list-existence, which it never agreed to take on.  It is not a
hearing board and in fact has no definable structure, procedure or
rules whatsoever.

I personally felt both a responsiblity to many people onlist and
desires of my own, while operating within a situation not under my

We may all curse the darkness, but Spoon never promised any candles.
It just provides this roundtable, and another one, and ...

End of my story.  Any other Spooner might tell a different story, as
indeed I could also.  I don't expect this story to be considered
"true" or "right" or "fair", but maybe some Spooners will not object
very much to my account.


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