Red Referendum

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Wed Apr 3 15:26:46 MST 1996

>On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, hariette spierings wrote:
>> Take another nap, douggie.  I'll promise to wake you up when Kornilov stops
>> dithering and actually does something to implement his terrifying threats.
>Louis: I told you that you can start without me. I want you to defend the
>German CP's "red referendum" of 1931. You are the expert on fascism so
>surely you can answer this question. If you don't know enough about it,
>don't worry. I will give you a history lesson that will include a
>discussion of this Stalinist crime.
>Silly man, if you thought this debate was going to be about what Dmitrov or
>Stalin said, you're sadly mistaken. This will be about what they *did*. I am
>doing my research now and will put them in the docket before too long.
>When I promise I will deliver something, I follow through. If you think I
>am going to exchange hot air with you, windbag of the century, you don't
>belong on this list. Go somewhere else.

Yes your highness I am shivering in terror!

In fact, Louis your debate is already "over" - with the Indonesian question
you have just shown that don't even know what the role of the proletariat
is.  It is not to serve themselves, but to serve the people, you twit.  You
have given enough already to demonstrate how utterly anti-Marxist your
points of view are.

In fact, in whatever other historical circunstance, what appears to you as a
"betrayal" and a crime is nothing of the sort.  On the contrary, the
subordination of the interests proper of the proletariat and its class
struggle to the LONG TERM interests of the oppressed masses and other
non-proletarian classes of the people -including the LONG TERM INTERESTS OF
THE INDIVIDUALS OF THE OPPRESSOR CLASS, is a fundamental threat running
through Marxism from the time of the Manifesto.

Whatever you say, about Spain, the United Front, etc. is only going to be
workerist rubbish.  So I will consider this as my answer to all the tons of
crimes you can produce from your top hat attempting to lay them on any of
the proletarian leaders.  I won't bother anymore with you.  You have lost


Cheerio, grand twit!

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