Red Referendum

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Apr 3 16:54:30 MST 1996

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, hariette spierings wrote:

> the proletarian leaders.  I won't bother anymore with you.  You have lost
> already!

Louis: That's OK, Olaechea. Don't bother with me any more. I intend to
hammer away at you as long as you are on this list. Did you think you
were going to hold court here? Go to hell.

If you choose to ignore me when I speak about Stalinism's role in the rise
of Hitler, then your acolytes will begin to see you for what you are: a
windbag and an ignoramous. Everybody is starting to wonder: Why does the
expert on fascism ignore Louis's question on the "red referendum"? Maybe
the great Olaechea is just a fraud like the Wizard of Oz. Big expert on
fascism. Can't even say a word about the "red referendum".

(You didn't convince anybody on Indonesia, by the way, except yourself.
You will have to do better than that. This is not the Stalin Society of

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