Stalin on fascism, 1924

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Wed Apr 3 17:47:13 MST 1996

"It is not true that fascism is only a militant organization of the
bourgeoisie....Fascism is the militant organization of the bourgeoisie
which bases itself on the active support of Social Democracy.
OF FASCISM. (see, I can use caps also) There is no reason to suppose
that the militant organization of the bourgeoisie can achieve any
decisive successes...without active support from Social Democracy.
There is just as little ground to think that Social Democracy could
achieve decisive successes....without the active support of that militant
organization of the bourgeoisie. Those organizations do not contradict
but supplement one another. They are not antipodes but
twins...Fascism is the shapeless political bloc of these two basic
organizations, a bloc that has emerged in the post-war crisis of
imperialism for the struggle against proletarian revolution."


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