GOD: Tom Condit's Reminescences

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Wed Apr 3 19:02:57 MST 1996

In a message dated 96-04-02 Godena writes:
>Secondly, the RCP and its leader, the "infallible" Bob Avakian, has been
>specifically repudiated by virtually every pro-PCP organization on the
>planet, including virtually all of the parties comprising what used to be
>known as the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement.  The PCP has nothing
>in common with the RCP, and, I suspect, Mr Condit knows it.

...Not to mention goo-gobs of ex-RCP members and supporters.

Gina/ Detroit
"I used to be an Avakianist, but I gave it up in the interests of
World Proletarian Revolution!"

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