Poor Stalinists! Proyect: Leave them alone!

CEP iwp.ilo at ix.netcom.com
Wed Apr 3 23:23:06 MST 1996

    Louis Proyect came back, throw at them few quotes and now they are
    all over the place trying to explain what have only one
    explanation:  Stalinism = Counterrevolution.

    Ole Leche, Quispe, one of them signing Molotov, Mat dillon and even
    Chris cannot cope with the history of their own betrayals:

    1. They capitulated to Hitler and signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop
    pact.  Main reason: Stalin was crying under the table terrorized
    of what will happen to him. They almost destroyed the Soviet Union

    2. They strangled the Spanish revolution, killing other marxists
    and left wing anarchists instead of fighting Franco's forces.

    3. They helped Hitler take power when they divided the german
    working, confused Socialdemocrats with fascists, etc

    4. They betrayed the left wing of the resistance after the war in
    France, refused to help the Greek communists and allowed them to be
    massacred by the English (Stalin called most of the Greek communist
    leadership to Moscow and killed them in order to impose its will to
    capitulate to the Brittish!)

    5. Stalinism betrayed the Chinese Communist Party and even named
    Chiang Kai Shek (few months before!) honorary chairman of the

    6. Mao went along with all this shit and produced some shit of his
    own ....

    7. Of course, do not forget the assasination of most members of the
    Central Committee which made the Russian Revolution and most
    members of the following three central committees!

    8. They betrayed every revolution since: Central America,
    Indonesia, Chile ... the list is so long that I'm amazed these
    people even show up at meetings anymore ....

    9.  Shiny Shit, a reformist rump of murederers, lovers of "national
    and compradora bourgeoisies", killers of leftists who have a
    collection of armed pimps dictating "what the masses" should or
    should not do and other pimps like Ole Leche living in London the
    "heroic" life of an "emigree", typing nine or ten hours a day
    trying to obtain a hollow "victory" in cyberspace ..... wow!, what
    a revolutionary.  Question: Is the Marxist List now considered
    a "free territory" in the Central Committee documents of the PCP?

    Once a reader of this list asked if the number of "actions"
    alledgedly carry out by Shiny Shit were not an exxageration.  They
    are not, because they count all the messages that Ole Leche send to
    this list as act of "heroic terrorism" ....

    Louis Proyect:  I think you are being too nasty with them ... leave
    them alone ... you'll make them cry ...


    P.S.: As you can see, I can maintain myself between the parameters
    of one post every four or five days ....

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