What happened in Indonesia

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Thu Apr 4 02:51:39 MST 1996

Aldoho writes:

>If this is Kornilovs' opening shot, this "match of the century" is going to
>be only a wet squibb!
>Of course, when a Communist Party has to participate in a national
>liberation struggle (or bourgeois democratic revolution) it must perforce
>subordinate the immediate class struggle of the proletariat to the national
>interest (of an oppressed country).


I think that Aldolfo misses the point. What happened here is that Mao sold
out the revolution in Indonesia for its own interests. Mao applied the same
line in Indonesia as Stalin did in the 2nd chinese revolution. Both led to
the slaughter of the masses in the interests of building socialism in one
country. Louis is basically right, Aldolfo and nothing you can say here can
change that.

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