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 HA> Of course,
 HA> when a Communist Party has to participate in a
 HA> national liberation struggle (or bourgeois democratic
 HA> revolution) it must perforce subordinate the immediate
 HA> class struggle of the proletariat to the national
 HA> interest (of an oppressed country).

     "The Communist Party (...) must clearly separate the
interests of the oppressed classes, of the workers and of the
toilers, from the general concept of the so called national
interests" ("Thesis on the national and colonial question" of
the Comintern, July 28, 1920, my translation from Italian)

You mean that "separate" is equal to "subordinate", Chairman
Oleachea? Or are you a revisionist of Leninism on the national
question? All your post is a negation of the above elementary
Leninist principle.

But let go further, and see wath happened in Indonesia.

The same "national interests" were sold out by the tracherous
policy of collaboration with Sukharno.

     In March 1965 the Communist petroleum workers took
control of Standard Vaccum refineries at Sungei gerong and
Pendopo. The PKI allowed the Sukharno gouvernement to give
back these plants to the imperialist owners. Foreign Minister
Subandrio (a "friend" of PKI) declared that "there would be no
further embarassment of Americans" ("New York Times, 19 March
1965). And two months later, at the celebration of the 45th
anniversary of the PKI, chairman Aidit said to the crowd:
"Sukarno's portrait hangs beside those of Marx, Engels, Lenin
and Stalin" (sic!).

     Accepting Sukharno's promise to arm the workers "if
necessary", the PKI called for "cooperation between people and
the Armed Forces" and "For the maintenance of civil order.
Help the police". Needless to say that the same police and
armed forces made the coup that killed around 500 thousands of
Indonesian Coomunists, workers and peasants that Mao's policy
had disarmed.

     But what was Chinese reaction of that massacre? Simply to
deplore the break of friendly relationships between China and
Indonesia. For over two years (till July 1967) the Maoist
bureaucracy tried to conciliate with the same Suharto, and the
first issue of Peking Review to speak about a "fascist
dictatorship" in Indonesia is n. 29, 14 July 1967, TWO YERAS
after the massacre.

     But I have some questions for you, comrades of PCP:
1) What do you think about the hundreds of German communists
that Stalin delivered to Germany in 1939-40?

2) What do you think about the Chinese embassy that closed his
doors in 1973 to the leftists that tried to fly Pinochet's

     I have more other questions. But start answering those
two (I will repeat until a satisfactory answer).
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