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Project, you are so devoid of anything productive you must keep
posting same old shit over and over.  What if all 300 members of
this list did same stupid shit as you!  I will repost old shit
too if you like so much.


I joined the Socialist Workers Party in 1967 because this group,
with the CPUSA and pacifists like A.J. Muste, was spearheading
opposition to the Vietnam war through mass demonstrations. I
down an invitation from a college classmate to become a candidate
member of the Maoist Progressive Labor Party because this group,
despite fiery rhetoric, abstained from the antiwar coalition.

I never let the fact that the Vietnamese Communist Party had
repressed Trotskyists after WWII get in the way of my
participation in
a movement that aided their cause. A Vietnamese victory would
been a victory for the US working-class as well.

I left the SWP in 1978 because it was drifting in a workerist,

In 1982 I became involved with CISPES in NY and through my
involvement with Central American issues made the decision to
Nicaragua in 1984 on the occasion of the elections there. I made
contact with some Americans who were trying to organize technical
aid for Nicaraguan government agencies. The Nicaraguans needed
training in basic computer and engineering skills.

I made contact with a west coast group called Tecnica which was
beginning to organize brigades of Americans to volunteer their
to Nicaragua. I became the east coast coordinator of the group
eventually the president of the board of directors.

Tecnica sent hundreds of volunteers to Nicaragua during the war
years. They helped to keep the infrastructure of the country
during the embargo and bloody war. Our volunteers helped Ben
with his rural electrification project until his murder by the
After his death, they completed the project.

I am also one of the founders of the New York Greater Nicaragua
Solidarity Committee, an umbrella group of sister city projects,
brigades, etc. that organized most of the political opposition to
funding in the New York area during the 1980s.

I was also part of the original task-force of Tecnica that went
to ANC
headquarters in exile in Lusaka, Zambia in order to find out
whether a
technical aid project was feasible for southern Africa. Shortly
after the
task force returned, volunteers began to travel to Africa and
participated in the following projects:

1) Helped the ANC establish electronic communications between
headquarters and consulates around the world.

2) Trained SWAPO in the use of desktop publishing techniques
they put to use in their victorious election campaign.

3) Worked with the governments of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and
Tanzania in various computer and engineering projects involved in
health-care, agricultural development, etc.

Over the last several years I have been training community
trade unionists and others in the use of the Internet at the
Forum in NYC. Of the hundreds of people who have attended my
class, a large percentage, nearly fifteen percent I estimate,
have been
black and female. Many of them are trying to use computers to
critical resources on behalf of the struggle against racism. I
have also
given the class to Local 1180 in NY and to People with
Disabilities in
New Jersey.

I belong to the Committees of Correspondence, a non-sectarian
network of socialists who are trying to regroup larger left
forces in the
direction toward an effective socialist party. I also endorse
another organization with a different heritage but common goals.

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From: Jay Miles

Dear Mr. Proyect:

Thank you for your recent unsolicited resume of
your illustrous career.

We appreciate the amazing job you did as
"President of the Board" and "East Coast
Director" and saving the country of Nicaragua.

Regretably we have no positions available at
this time for a professional revisionist.
We are looking for informed people qualified
to speak rationally about the Peoples War in
Peru.  Unfortunately we feel you fall short
in this area.  However, we will be glad to
review your application in the future if you
should ever come back over to the side of the

Victory to the Peoples War in Peru!
Jay Miles

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