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Thu Apr 4 05:30:14 MST 1996

>>>On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, hariette spierings wrote:
>>In fact, in whatever other historical circunstance, what appears to you as a
>>"betrayal" and a crime is nothing of the sort.  On the contrary, the
>>subordination of the interests proper of the proletariat and its class
>>struggle to the LONG TERM interests of the oppressed masses and other
>>non-proletarian classes of the people -including the LONG TERM INTERESTS OF
>>THE INDIVIDUALS OF THE OPPRESSOR CLASS, is a fundamental threat running
>>through Marxism from the time of the Manifesto.
>We are in the presence here of nothing less than a piece of *revisionism*.
>It is disguised of course by wooly thinking, and the rhetoric of abuse.  The
>historic mission of the Proletariat is the emancipation of humanity.  That
>much is classic marxist thought.  But Adolfo thought seems to make a
>distinction here between the "proper" interests of the working class and
>their interests as a universal class.
>There is also implicit in the slide from classes to "masses"  a switch from
>marxism to populism.  But that might be too subtle  a point for our Great
>At work here is of course the Maoist fetishisation of the role of the
>peasantry.  Also too in Chairman Adolfo's talk of "the long term interests
>of the individuals of the oppressor class" There are dim echoes, very dim,
>of the popular front strategy of alliances with sections of the bourgeoisie.
>All bad news for the working class of course.  But what's new in Stalinism?
>>Whatever you say, about Spain, the United Front, etc. is only going to be
>>workerist rubbish.
>I know the great Adolfo is not anxious to answer questions at the moment,
>and is holding on desperately to the delete button but it would help if he
>would enlighten us with what he means by "workerism".
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Welcome back Gary, As you can see the political pond still reverberates
with Mr Adolfo Blanqui and his merry rag tag bunch of hangers on's
non-insightfull and politically devoid crap....but as for their self
congratultory victory orgy I think its now looking decidedly ragged. Ah but
thats politics for you.
Ken Howard

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